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Jump Start Entertainment is a full service Talent Management and Production Company, operating out of Los Angeles and New York.


Jump Start Entertainment is dedicated to shaping the careers of the most talented and dedicated Artists, who are firmly committed to their craft. We value those that aspire to have the most challenging and fulfilling experiences through the mediums of film, television and theater. We assist our clients in helping them set and pursue the goals they hope to achieve. We are in constant contact with our clients and enjoy a consistent dialogue to ensure success.


Jump Start Entertainment hopes to maintain a high standard for ourselves and our clients. Our vast network of resources, as well as our strong track record certifies this high standard.


Our clients have made strong impressions in top films, television programs, and theatre productions. We are always looking for the best opportunity for our clients, no matter the medium.


We value talent, as well as hard work. Together, it's an unbeatable combination.

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